Electronics Explorer: All-in-one USB Oscilloscope, Multimeter & Workstation

₹ 40,000.00

The Digilent Electronics Explorer board (EE board) includes all of the test and measurement equipment needed to design, build, and test analog and digital circuits of all types. Built around a large solderless breadboard, the EE board includes a 4-channel mixed-signal USB oscilloscope, waveform generator, variable power supply, voltmeter, reference voltage generator, and thirty-two digital signals that can be configured as a logic analyzer, pattern generator, or any one of several static digital I/O devices. All of these instruments can be connected to circuits built on the solderless breadboards using simple jumper wires. Designed for daily use and intended for every student to own, the EE board combines everything needed to design and test circuits in a single all-in-one device. Even in introductory classes, students can build, test, and analyze real circuit designs as a part of every homework assignment. No more once a week labs; now every student can complete designs in virtually any setting - any residence can be a complete, 24-hour design studio! The EE board is powered by the free, WaveForms software (now Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible) that makes it easy to acquire, store, analyze, produce, and reuse analog and digital signals. WaveForms runs well on virtually any notebook PC, including low-cost Netbooks. A high-speed USB2 connection ensures all EE board instruments respond in near real-time. WaveForms data files are stored using standard formats, making it easy to share data between instruments, and to export data to word processors or graphics editors. This means well documented student labs/project reports can be completed using standard office tools, and submitted electronically. Features: 4-channel, 40MS/s, 100MHz, Oscilloscopes 2-channel, 40MS/s, 20MHz, Arbitrary Waveform Generator 2-channel, ± 9V, 1.5A, variable power supply 1-channel, 3.3/5V, 2A, fixed power supply 4-channel voltmeter 2 programmable reference voltages Can connect all instruments to circuits built on the solderless breadboard using simple jumper wires 32 digital signals that can be configured as: 32-channel logic analyzer 32-channel pattern generator Discrete digital I/Os (buttons, switches, LEDs, etc.)