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Industries & Applications

Innovative solutions for impactful applications.

No matter what industry you are in, we can make your design process easier by providing products and solutions that allow for seamless implementation.


1. Biotechnology 2. Defense & Aerospace 3. Storage & Networking 4. Energy & Mining 5. Semiconductors 6. Automotive


1. ASIC Prototyping 2. Network Acceleration 3. Embedded IO 4. Data Acquisition 5. Process Automation 6. Accelerated Computing

FPGA & Accelerated Computing

Find a perfect match for your application. From product prototype development to accelerated computing integration, leverage our wide range of products and solutions to reduce the development cost and time to market dramatically. Our FPGA Boards and OEM Modules offer a feature-rich turnkey experience for any enterprise system. We also offer product customization and FPGA hardware design to meet advanced specifications and provide custom solutions to any project.

Accelerate development time

Seamless implementation

Reduce application prototyping cost

Automation & Data Acquisitione

Innovative I/O and Data Acquisition solutions with reliablity quality in a wide range of products that allow for a variety of projects to come to life. Our custom solutions and personalized service enable a seamless collaboration between your ideas/projects and our hardware.

Highlights of our offerings:.

1. Software Packages that enable an easy barrier to entry 2. Customs solutions for specific needs 3. Precise technology and quality design



IP & Device Management Software

Time to market is one of the most important metrics for many enterprise teams. Getting a solution successfully implemented as soon as possible is paramount to most projects in industrial automation. With our proprietary management software device communication has never been easier.

3. Fully embedded software that makes it easy to use GPIO/Relay Modules without USB knowledge.

1. Powerful command-line-like interface that offers a very quick and easy setup. 2.Take advantage of existing software such as Tera Team, PuTTY, HyperTerminal or even your custom script/programs.



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